Tebl designed the BlinkenDiag 4-in-1 Diagnostic Module for the Commodore 64/128. The module can be used to test and diagnose problems with the computer, showing the status of the address and data bits with 24 LEDs and the supply voltage on an integrated mini 3-digit LED voltmeter.

The BlinkenDiag comes pre-loaded with four diagnostic cartridges:

  • Commodore 586220 Diagnostic Cartridge
  • Commodore 781220 Dead Test Cartridge
  • Commodore ST10 Dead Test Cartridge with extended SID test
  • World of Jani Commodore 1541 Diagnostic & Test

The BlinkenDiag uses a 28c256, which can be easily erased and programmed with your choice of software (4 slots of 8K) with a suitable programmer (not included). This means that the BlinkenDiag can also be used for games, utilities, sound, and other purposes.

The BlinkenDiag has three press/locking switches, a reset button, and four jumpers to configure software and LED modes.

The BlinkenDiag is based on a project by Tebl, which is available on GitHub: https://github.com/tebl/C64-BlinkenDiag

To purchase your own BlinkenDiag module check out the SHAREWARE PLUS page for ordering info.

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