For those of you who like to work on your own equipment. Developer Piergiorgio Zambrini aka Zibri has updated his 1541 Speed Test software for the C64.

F1 does the most accurate RPM test ever seen. It’s accurate to 0.005 RPM. Exit by keep any key pressed until it stops.

F3 align the head to track 42 in a better way than other programs do.

F5 moves the head to track 1.

F7 moves the head to track 18 and exits the program.B align the head to track 1 and to a bump

Cursor up/down and left/right move the head 1 track at a time or 8 tracks at a time (if shift is pressed)

Key 8 and 9 force loading the program in drive 8 or 9 and set it as working drive.

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