C64 Customs Chameleon Docking Station V2 Review


In this episode of his podcast Daniel reviews the new Chameleon Docking Station V2 for the Turbo Chameleon 64 V2. What’s the docking station for? It enables you to use the Turbo Chameleon 64 without a Commodore 64. Here’s the info from Individual Computers.

The Docking Station for Turbo Chameleon 64 adds the following ports for use in stand-alone mode of your Chameleon:

        • four joystick ports
        • one connector for C64 or VIC-20 keyboard
        • one connector for Amiga 500 keyboard
        • MIDI in and out connectors
        • one connector for the Minimig cable (cable not included, available separately)

When attached to the Docking Station V2, the Chameleon can use up to four joystick ports simultaneously. The third and fourth joystick port will be emulated in the C64 core as if you have connected a 4-player adapter to a real C64’s user port. This will let you use games like Bomb Mania on the Chameleon.

Furthermore, you can also connect a C64/VIC20 keyboard or an Amiga 500 keyboard (even both at the same time). Future cores for the Chameleon will also implement MIDI functionality.

The Docking Station is mounted on a black wooden plate with rubber feet to ensure stable operation.

Package Contents:

        • Docking Station V2 incl. base plate
        • Operating instructions
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