C64 Customs – HDMI Upscaling For Retro Devices: XRGB Mini Framemeister, OSSC, RetroTINK 2X


Normally C64 Customs uses the Framemeister as his number 1 solution for converting analog video signals to HDMI, however it’s now bit aged and there are interesting alternatives. C64 Customs performs some tests with these three devices using different signal sources and this video is his view on these solutions.

Info and ordering of the Turbo Chameleon 64 V2:
Individual Computers Turbo Chameleon 64

Component mod for the C64:
C64 Video Enhancement

Info on ordering the Kaico OSSC
(Kaico is the original maker, watch out for cheap knockoffs)
Kaico Edition on Amazon

Info on the RetroTINK 2X:
RetroTINK – RetroTINK 2X

Info on the Framemeister XRGB-Mini:
Micomsoft – Framemeister XRGB-Mini

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