Developer Thorsten Kattanek has just released an update to his Commodore C64 emulator.

The app is available for both Windows and Linux. The 32-bit Windows version also runso n Linux with Wine.


  • Bugfix: SyncFound in Floppy1541Class
  • [issue # 170 ] D64 Directory list in the FloppyWindow is now updated immediately when there are changes in the image
  • Ocode “BIT” in 6502 & 6510 revised
  • [issue # 173 ] Fix sound problem when formatting disc
  • Pepto Luminaz levels built in. First VICII revision has only 5 luminance levels, all others 9
  • You can now choose whether the luminance level of the first or the following revisions should be used
  • Video CRT emulation revised and based on Pepto
  • [issue # 171 ] All file names that are converted from a QString to char * are now handled by .toLocal8Bit previously toUtf8
  • [issue # 175 ] Filename is now correctly specified during export, and any spaces left at the end are removed
  • NMI & IRQ revised. (6510 & 6502)
  • Bugfix: in the Floppy1541Class, all drives were always emulated even though they were switched off
  • Bugfix: mos6502 + mos6510 irq_delay
  • Bugfix: Warp mode
  • Bugfix: Debugger – Breakgroups Save & Load works again
  • [issue # 181 ] Pause button in the C64SpeedWindow works again.
  • [issue # 180 ] When reading the CPU from the address 0xde00 – 0xdfff, the last VIC value read is always read from the first phase of the clock cycle.
  • [issue # 185 ] If the emu64.ini or the corresponding entry is missing, all windows are displayed in the middle of the screen.
  • Comandline command –reset-ini can now be placed anywhere. So far –reset-ini had to be in the first place to be executed.
  • [issue # 176 ] Magic Desk Cartridge is now implemented, but first read-only.
  • [issue # 106 ] New Comandline command –minimized added
  • revised (SHA512 checksum edition)
  • Added audio oscilloscope for SID output

Changes from Ziras

several cross-platform and packaging fixes

  • add “lrelease” to CONFIG, so it doesn’t have to be invoked
    manually, helping packagers to use their standard qmake-based rules
  • add hardcoded version string to which is used when building from
    a release archive instead of a git repo (which is normal when building
  • add fallbacks for unknown operating systems and processor
    architectures, assume unknown operating systems are POSIX compliant
  • add explicit support for FreeBSD

fix some build / install issues

  • on non-windows platforms, enable a default PREFIX of / usr / local
  • move documentation files to $ PREFIX / share / doc
  • fix lrelease issue, work around
    by adding explicit install commands for the .qm files
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