Quad Core C64: By The New Dimension


The New Dimension is very proud to present to you a freeware lights-out inspired mind-boggling puzzle game, written back in 2018 called “QUAD CORE”, for the Commodore 64.

QC C64 features the following:

– Loading picture by Shine/Delysid
– 32 rapid fire brain tingling puzzles to solve
– Nice presentable graphics
– High-quality presentation and gameplay
– Hi Score table (Disk version also saves high scores)
– Plenty of traditional old-style music composed in DMC V4.0/V7.0
– Level Editor (Create your very own level packs and save them to disk or tape)

This game is also PAL/NTSC compatible

You are connected to a project, mentally that is. The objective of this game is to eliminate the board from all of the lights. This can be done by placing your flashing cursor onto the game board, cross-inverting the lights to another color (or removing them completely). You will have a set time limit to clear each board. You also have a limited number of chances to restart that particular level. Can you complete all 32 levels and become the game’s supreme player?

Also built inside the game is a level editor.

Please note that if using theC64, you cannot save your built-in levels to tape, only use the floppy disk).

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