In this latest release, while more modest in scale compared to its predecessors, several noteworthy additions enhance the functionality of the platform. The standout feature is the introduction of the TKTArea class, a multi-line text area control boasting word wrap capability and seamless integration with the clipboard. This versatile class finds application across various utilities, including the Today Utility, alongside two newcomers: Memos and MiniEdit.

Furthermore, users will now experience augmented support for hidden files within the File Manager and Open and Save Utilities. Embracing Unix conventions, this feature recognizes files prefixed with a dot (.) as hidden, while also accommodating the specialized hidden bit on SD2IEC devices, ensuring comprehensive file management capabilities.

One of the hallmark additions in this release is the debut of the Buckets Utility, marking the realization of a longstanding concept. Offering a structured approach to file organization, Buckets introduces predefined “buckets” where users can seamlessly add file references. This innovative utility empowers other applications and utilities to execute operations on bucket contents, presenting versatile opportunities for file management. For instance, a backup application can efficiently utilize references stored in the “backup” bucket, while the “trash” bucket offers a convenient mechanism for identifying files for future deletion, akin to tagging systems.

Moreover, users can now explore the immersive features offered by the newly introduced Visualizer app. Leveraging the “favorites” bucket as a dynamic playlist for the SID Preview Utility, Visualizer introduces captivating visual effects animating in the background, enriching user engagement and entertainment value.

Additionally, the functionality of the C64 Archiver receives a notable upgrade with the incorporation of v3 CAR files embedding CRC32 checksums, enhancing data integrity measures. Complementing this enhancement, the Installer interface now features a “check” button, providing users with the option to perform integrity checks on supported CAR files, thereby ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

New Features

  • New Memos Utility.
  • New MiniEdit Utility.
  • New Buckets Utility.
  • New Visualizer App for playing SID music, and using the Favorites bucket.
  • C64 Archiver can create v3 CARs with embedded CRC32 checksum.
  • Installer can optionally check integrity of v3 CARs.
  • Support for hidden files in File Manager, Open and Save Utilities.
    • Files and subdirectories beginning with a dot (.) are considered hidden.
    • Works on all device families, including legacy disk drives.
    • Files hidden with the “hidden” flag on SD2IEC devices can now be shown.
  • New TKTArea multi-line text editing class.
    • Press COMMODORE+RETURN to trigger TKTArea’s default action, typically to save its contents.
  • Today Utility has improved notes editor.
  • New tarea.lib with support functions for the TKTArea class.
  • dir.lib now supports directory filtering
  • Utilities Utility filters out non-PRG files, or any file with a dot (.) in the name.
  • Opener Utility filters the list of Utilities to only PRG files without a dot (.) in the name.
  • Opener Utility filters the list of Applications to only DIR entries, i.e., Application Bundles.
  • Double-click the date lines in Today to open the Date Utility.
  • Double-click title bar of Today Utility to toggle visibility of the notes sidebar.
  • Clicking any date in Today Utility auto-opens the notes sidebar if it was closed.
  • Copy and Move Utilities gain a new “To:” line showing the destination file reference.

Changes and Improvements

  • Improved the cursor tracking in TKInput.
  • Added support for enforcing PRG/SEQ when opening a file for read.
  • Path bar (TKPBar class) now shows directory header whenever the path is empty.
    • 1541, 1571, 1581 disks
    • 1541, 1571, 1581 mounted disk images
    • Partition directory, CMD HD, RAMLink, SD2IEC, and IDE64
  • Right-click path bar at any time to toggle between path and directory header mode.
  • File Manager gains menu option to go to partition directory, with keyboard command COMMODORE+D.
  • File Manager gains menu option to toggle visibility of hidden files, with keyboard command COMMODORE+H.
  • Open and Save Utilities can toggle visibility of hidden files with keyboard command COMMODORE+H.
  • The CARSearch tool now supports v3 CAR files and outputs embedded CRC32 at end of listing.
  • Clipboard Utility can now display 3Icon image data on the clipboard.
    • Hold CONTROL while clicking the Copy button in About This App to copy the App’s icon.
  • Improved the visual output of the charsettest tool.
  • Backup tool now stores the datetime stamp of the last incremental back to a hidden file. (//os/:.backup.ts.t)
  • Added new Media Control message type, and media control headers (//os/s/:mediactrl.t)
  • SID Preview has been updated to handle and send media control messages.
  • In Gallery, when Slideshow → manual is selected, it now shows a checkmark.
  • New component can optionally be loaded to enable detection of u64iec device.
  • Improved initial display by booter; Shows “Detecting Hardware…” and shows the inspirational message for longer, up until the KERNAL booter takes over
  • Added support for U64IEC device to devices list in sidebars.
  • Added support with new custom icon for U64IEC to Drives Utility.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash double-clicking the Clipboard Utility’s title bar.
  • Fixed a bug in TKCtrl when pushing RETURN.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed cutting from and pasting into read-only TKInput fields.
  • Fixed a bug in the KERNAL’s ctx2scr routine, allowing clipped and offset contexts to be properly composited to the screen buffer.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the File Manager from saving state on Quit to BASIC if no REU was present.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the fast fourier bars from disappear in SID Preview.
  • Fixed a bug in timers that would prevent a paused timer from being canceled.
  • Fixed a bug in timers that could lead to a crash when more than one time is queued.
  • Fixed a bug in About This App that would sometimes show the wrong App name.
  • Fixed a bug in App Launcher that would repeatedly save modified aliases that had already been saved.
  • Fixed a bug in that could prevent Gallery from loading an image’s notes.
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