Introducing a new and innovative universal graphics file format called Commodore Grafix, or CGFX. This release brings forth a RIFF/CGFX container that supports various native and non-native video modes, offering metadata, format details, and frame size information. Furthermore, it allows for multiple frames with panoramas, matrices for 3D models and look-around scenes, as well as short animations up to 256 frames.

A significant update has been made to the Image Viewer with full support for CGFX. All image datatype loaders have undergone a thorough revamp while new image datatype savers enable users to save HiRes or MultiColor frames as custom boot screens. Additionally, screen captures now save with their unique character set, allowing seamless viewing within the Image Viewer.

The sidplay library has gained enhanced support for metadata and an exciting new utility named SID Preview lets you indulge in listening to PSID music files. To enrich your experience further with C64 OS compatibility, the sid search web service has been rebuilt at – presenting you with a searchable database of over 34,000 SIDs from HVSC that have been relocated.

Moreover, this release brings numerous bug fixes along with updated drivers for TurboChameleon64 and MMC64. We’ve also introduced customizable boot options and implemented several system-level improvements throughout the entire platform.

This release includes numerous bug fixes as well as new drivers for TurboChameleon64 and MMC64. Moreover, you’ll find a range of customizable boot options and an array of system-level features and improvements throughout the platform.

New Features

  • Commodore Grafix file format. A RIFF/CGFX container format for C64 graphics in multiple modes and formats.
  • Image datatype loader for Commodore Grafix files, with .cgx extension.
  • Image datatype loader for PETSCII Bots, with .pbot extension.
  • Image datatype loader for matrix images in 3D Koala format, with .3dk extension.
  • Image datatype savers for Koala (MultiColor) and Art Studio (HiRes) formats.
  • RTC driver for TurboChameleon64 and MMC64.
  • Boot components, boot.koala.o and for displaying custom bitmap bootscreens.
  • Screen grabs are now saved in PETSCII graphics format v2, which includes the custom character set.
  • Limited support for VICE FS as a legacy device (single directory only.)
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