C64 Resurrection Series, Part 1 – KOJRO Retro Innovations


This is the first part of a series of videos where we celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the Commodore 64 by doing a bunch of repair videos. I have a lot of old C64’s both single motherboards and complete systems. Nearly all of them need some kind of attention now, and many of them have been neglected now for the best part of 30 years, and shows the sign of that.

In my last two videos I build a SixtyClone board to have as a reference, and tool to test chips and other peripherals.
This time I repair one of my C64 250407 boards. The board are missing some chips, and we uncover no less than 3 faults on this board.

I do appreciate feedback, and I find it difficult to maintain a good rhythm on these repairs, so some pointers will be appreciated.

So happy birthday C64, and as a appreciation for the community and the future of the remaining C64’s out there. Here is my first video in the C64 Resurrection series, so let’s celebrate our favorite 8-bit computer.

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