Georg Rottensteiner has released a new update to his C64 Studio software. The lastest release is version 6.2 and it includes the following.

Add: WIP support of XVIC and X128 emulators (debugging works)
Fix: Allow fatal errors to still write preprocessed file
Fix: Fatal errors abort error message collecting so no followup errors are shown
Fix: macro with local arguments now work when called from different zones
Add: Tooltip with full file path on tab
Add: BASIC symbol mode replaces with multipliers
Fix: Keyboard shortcut in sprite editor only if focused
Add: BASIC Hex import/export (C128)
Fix: Charset mode toggling in Debug Memory view
Add: BASIC version selection
Add: D84 choice in element properties
Add: Reverse mode to char screen editor
Fix: Major speedup in replace all
Add: GTK Vice detection and repeated debugger connection attempt

Click here to get it!

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