Georg Rottensteiner has released a new update to his C64 Studio software just in time for Chritmas. The lastest release is version 6.3 and it includes the following.

Fix: Shortcut keys in charset and graphic editor only apply on focused editor
Fix: Debugging start address properly used now
Add: Ultimax cartridge support plus special debug behaviour for cart startup racing condition
Add: !hex pseudo op to line up with ACME
Add: Secondary key bindings
Fix: Crash on find all with no open file or selected project
Add: Mediatool support for graphic screen and binary files
Fix: Bitmap export color clashes
Fix: Bug in zone detection (stored zone was used instead of local one)
Add: Binary editor gets upsize (8 to 16 bit)
Add: Display and toggle button for string entry mode
Fix: Hotkey for debug step out was not working
Fix: Token scan for BASIC V2
Fix: Predefines from build chains now really work
Add: BASIC casing button shows current setting
Add: Support for Laser BASIC
Add: Display offset for binary display to help align memory views
Add: Remove all watches
Add: Solution Explorer: highlight one node per project, not one globally
Add: Mark build as dirty if build events are modified
Fix: Unwanted userappdata path usage
Add: File Manager rename file via F2
Fix: BASIC tokens with two byte opcodes
Fix: Exception with invalid regular expression in Find/Replace

Click here to get it!

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