Georg Rottensteiner has released a new update to his C64 Studio software just in time for summer.

The latest release is version v7.2 and it includes the following.

Update Mega65 samples
Fix opcode doc formatting
“Fix” potential errors in dir art import
Fix: Potential crash on malformed path in !src
Add: First experiments with NCM mode (mega65)
Fix: automatic horizontal scrollbar would not always become visible when tabs are hidden under the mini view
Fix: Issue with temp labels that are modified inside !for loops
WIP: Mega65 NCM
Fix: Major speedup for copying sprites to clipboard
Fix palette mapping for unpaletted pictures
Fix: UTF8 encoding without BOM
Fix alpha part of incoming palette
Add vscrollbar to image list box (now works in character selection panels)
Fix: BASIC – Proper handling of hexadecimal literals for BASIC 65
Fix? : Downgrade DockPanelSuite (had some issues one some machines the layout was hosed on startup)
Add: Outline double click automatically selects source
Add: BASIC65 WPOKE token
Add: BASIC warning if truncated variable names end up ambigious
Add BASIC/Assembly combined sample
Fix potential crash in build
Add: Mega65 sample project Dalek Attack (BASIC)
Fix: On charset import in char screen editor verify import format
Fix: Do not auto-collapse binary literals into local labels (#..## variant)
Add: BASIC #include directive
Add: !nowarn pseudo op
Fix label location
Fix: Import/export for sprite editor
DockPanelSuite Crash fix
Update DockPanelSuite
Add: Button to toggle collapse state of zones in assembly
Add: Stop autocomplete on opening when inside a comment
Add: Dependency checking for missing target files
Cleanup: Import methods in separate forms for Charscreen
Add: charscreen editor Cleanedup export methods, add as string, replace space with cursor right and strip unused color options
Cleanup: Export methods for charscreen editor
Fix: Enhancements for issue
Fix: Reordered BASIC dialect file for Mega65/V10 so GOSUB and GOTO are highlighted properly
Fix: PETSCII table issues (no redraw, no insert if docked)

Click here to get it!