Georg Rottensteiner has released a new update to his C64 Studio software just in time for summer.

The latest release is version v7.7 and it includes the following:

Add: 68k support (no opcode size fallback yet, but feature complete)
Add: Copy to clipboard adds column selection mode flag
WIP: Paste column selection block from clipboard inserts all lines
Fix: Potential crash if unknown macros are using in text literal
Add: Charset export for S-BASIC fcm chardefs
Add: When exporting to BASIC DATA statements, option to insert spaces
Fix: BASIC: Paste ^ into BASIC editor now properly converts it
Add: Disassembler, option to keep on disassembling even when encountering code end points (like rts/jmp)
Fix: Potential racing condition in VICE binary monitor debugger interface could crash Add: S-BASIC dialect file for Mega65 Fix: Disassembler crash if a non preset label would be placed inside an opcode
Add: BASIC Toggling label mode does not mess up with #include/#media statements anymore
Fix: Disassembler was broken for new addressing mode (e.g. ldy #$xx)
Fix: BASIC ambigious variable listing
Add: CTRL-Z/shift-Z as alias keybindings for undo redo
Fix: mapping of !fi pseudo op
Fix: Don’t crash when viewing 0xde00 in memory viewer
Fix: Adjust SID repeat cycle to 32 registers, avoiding crash when accessing $D440
Fix: breakpoint filter logic of Tiny64Debugger
Add: ASM – Context Menu: Add Watches with different sizes directly
Add: Binary Editor -> Divide
Add: BASIC Ambigious warning for shortened variables now only shows up once per affected variable
Add: assembler – binary literals now collapse properly
Add: Label Explorer all references shown
Add: Clicking in Label Explorer on reference selects all references in the code file (not only direct text matches)
Fix: Sprite editor, sizing/scaling issue with DPI > 100%
Add: Second Solution menu back on main menu
Fix: XC-BASIC-dialect file missing some commands, also BASIC renumber bailing out when basic commands are missing
Add: BASIC Option for temporary meta data less files for custom build steps
Add: Assembler autodetect would choose PDS if “include” was inside comments
Fix: potential crash when storing open nodes with new reference labels
Fix: introduced bug in !text that would miscalc the number of bytes used
Add: charscreen editor, charset export now uses a selection from character editor
Wip: Graphic screen editor zoom/scroll
Add: Option for caret width
Add: Charscreen editor in Mega65 mode didn’t allow for all 256 bg colors
Add: ACME assembler mode handles >,< unary operator precedence differently
Add: C64Ass – Set Assembler Type option
Add: Crash in charscreen editor, after changing to Mega65 FCM mode and switching to the character editor tab
Fix: Recurring ObjectDisposedException because of timer still running
Fix: BASIC allow arrow up as single char token, to avoid adding the arrow as a variable name part
Add: Rename Disk ID now using 5 characters (ignoring the middle one though)
Add: Autodetect BASIC files usage of macros on load
Fix: File Manager, renaming disk/ID ended with wrong characters
Fix: BASIC ^ is properly replaced with Up Arrow on symbol toggle
Add: $(SolutionPath) as macro for build events
Add: !while pseudo op
Fix: Speedup in assembling aftermath
Add: !scrxor for ACME compatibility
Add: Custom sounds, as the Windows sounds for build success/failure sound the same per default
Fix: TASM now supports properly stacked local labels +/-
Fix: Update for Tasm support, .if, .else and .fi working, also labels with : following WIP: Opcodes for 68k #1
Fix the caret fix, we get ObjectDisposedExceptions a lot
Fix issues/105, caret stops blinking due to a stupid system-wide setting
Fix: BASIC editor swallowing any alt-shortcuts (menu access)
Add: Assembler, math.random and math.randomseed
WIP: Proper DSK filling when building
Fix: Fixed off scale of menu items (forms scaling is finicky)
Add: Make memory PETSCII/character views have selectable byte width
Add: Assembler !skip pseudo op (for ACME compatibility)
Fix: Source editor now does drag/drop with move/copy depending on control key
Fix: Initial breakpoint for C128 set to $5a9B
WIP: CPC DSK format now able to write file to image (only tested with small for now)
Add: Z80, allow LD r,r without apostrophe as well
Add: Sprite Editor import from binary file, sanity check if all would result in black on black, make it white on black
Fix: If an invalid opcode combination is used, and the opcode is interpreted as a label, and then the line errors out still gives an error message regarding the opcode
WIP: CPC DSK format support
Fix: & as hex prefix properly working now, also for selection
Fix: Sprite Editor GIF export now properly uses min/max extents Fix: Sprite Editor Preview – switching between layers now keeps the selected sprite
Add: Z80 Opcodes (!cpu z80)
Fix: Sprite editor import from binary file does not skip given bytes WIP: Z80 #2
Fix borked extended Opcodes (non 6510)
Fix: ext functions (e.g. math.sin were broken if acted upon) WIP: Z80
Fix (new solution with separate project folder was wrong, no project folder was created), node name of the project was that of the solution
Fix: Wizard true drive arguments for newer VICE versions is borked

Click here to get it!

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