C64ANABALT For The C64


C64ANABALT is an official Commodore 64 conversion of Adam Atomic & Danny B.’s award-winning single-button 2009 indie game, CANABALT. Developed by Paul Koller for the 8-Bit, 64KB RAM, 1Mhz Commodore 64 home computer, this game can be run from a 16KB cartridge (with tape and disk versions packed with the download). It was created as an entry to the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition (2011) – a suggestion made by Adam Atomic himself! Although based on the original game’s open-source code algorithms and physics, there are several new elements that bring freshness to this classic title.

Along with the official version of CANABALT, Andreas Varga (Mr. SID) has developed an unofficial C64 port. The two coders ported the same game without being aware of each other’s efforts. The RUN track used in Mr. SID’s version was composed by Mikkel Hastrup (Encore), and this track was later reused for the official build with permission from Encore himself.

Both versions of C64ANABALT (Official) and CANABALT (Unofficial) are available for FREE download.

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