The Computer Chronicles Commodore 64 Episode from 1988

I stumbled across this Computer Chronicles video on Youtube about the Commodore 64 that was made in 1988. At this point the C64 had...

TheStuffMade – Retro Programming on the Commodore 64 – Episode 2 – Assembly Programming

Episode 2 covers: -Assembly programming and common patterns -Defining and using macros -How to use the debugger
C128 Device Manager Boot Screen

C128 Device Manager Update Released

Version 1.03 of Bart van Leeuwen's C128 Device Manager has just been released. It fixes some small bugs and improves handling of drives for which...

8-Bit Show And Tell – C64 COBOL For Fun And Profit

Robin over at 8-Bit Show & Tell asks "Is it possible to make COBOL interesting? I try by porting 10 PRINT to a Commodore...

GRay Defender – Learning Emulation

In his latest video Gray Defender covers some popular retro gaming emulators, specifically for the Intellivision, Atari 7800, Atari 2600, and the Commodore 64....

TheStuffMade – Retro Programming on the Commodore 64 – Episode 1 – Getting Started

This is the first episode in a series from youtube creator 'TheStuffMade'. A lot of people, including myself, are stuck at home these days, so...
U64 Streamer 1.22

U64 Streamer v1.22 Released

The U64 Streamer has been updated to version 1.22. What can I do with this? With the new Ultimate 64 firmware (>=1.1c) there is an option...

Retro Recipes – Commodore 64 Program Stored On A Postage Stamp?

In this episode of Perifractic's Retro Recipes they investigate the old wives tale of a UK Royal Mail stamp that contaings a supposedly dangerous...