C128 DCR U36 Expansion ROM

Commodore C128 DCR Integral Diagnostic ROM v1.0

Designed by Commodore for the metal Cased Commodore 128D, the Diagnostic ROM simply plugs into the empty U36 Socket. When you need it you...
MEGA65 SD Card Fast Format

MEGA65 Speeding Up Formatting & Freezing With Multi-sector SD Card Writes

Paul Gardner-Stephen is back with another MEGA65 update. In his latest blog entry he's been working on speeding up the formatting and freezing process's...

Retro Recipes “So You Bought a Commodore 64?”

Perifractic has a released a new episode of his Retro Recipes show all about buying a C64 in 2019. This episode contains a heaping...

Mr Lurch’s Things – Commodore 64 Rescue Part 2.2

In part 2.1 of this Commodore Rescue they finally to get to take a closer look at the Commodore 64 power supply aka PSU...

STSID: New SID Board Based on ST 8bit MCU

STSID is a new hardware project for the Commodore C64 by Tony P. If Tony's name strikes a cord you may recall that Tony...

New C64 SID Synth Demo By LukHash

LukHash has released a "quick jam" with a Commodore 64 used as a synthesizer. Per Lukhash everything you can hear (except drums) comes from...

Adrian Black Shows Off His Multicolored Breadbin C64’s

In his latest video Adrian Black puts his numerous multicolored breadbins on display and goes over some painting suggestions.

Commodore 64 Wireless Audio Video Kit

A Commodore 64 enthusiest by the name of Renzi has come up with a way to make your C64 partially portable. What he's done...

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