Jan Beta – Classic Atari Joystick to USB Adapter

Jan Beta builds his own joystick adapter to be able to use my classic Atari style DB9 connector joysticks on modern USB hardware and...
User Port Interface

Shareware Plus Commodore 64 & 128 User Port Interface

Shareware Plus is reporting they have User Port Interfaces in stock for the Commodore 64 & 128. These allow you to plug in the harness...

Adrian’s Digital Basement: Mid-Week Mini Mail Call #3 – C64 Extravaganza

Time to open up some more packages you sent Adrian! This time, it's all C64 goodness. A RF modulator replacement, a SID chip and...

MSSIAH Products Out Of Stock

MSSIAH has posted the following message on their website. We are currently having delays outside our control which unfortunately leads to a postponed release of...

Adrian Black Shows Off His Multicolored Breadbin C64’s

In his latest video Adrian Black puts his numerous multicolored breadbins on display and goes over some painting suggestions.

Adrian Black – Simple Fix For Blurry C64 Video

This is the second part of Adrian's latest series for improving the C64's video. You can what the first part by clicking here. In this...
Printed ZoomFloppy Cases

3D Printing a ZoomFloppy Case

Greetings everyone. Both Desert-Fox and myself have ZoomFloppy cards and have for the longest time wanted to get cases for them. However what we've...
Commodore 64 Game System (C64 GS)

Nightfall Crew Finds A Boxed Commodore 64 Game System

xAD from the Nightfall Crew website has recently come across one of Commodore's biggest stinkers, the Commodore 64 Gaming System. What is that you...