Alwyz has just released another CCGMS 2019 update called CCGMS Ultimate for the C64.  Here’s the note from his website.

Only a few weeks into 2019, and I’ve already made the follow-up to CCGMS 2019. Announcing CCGMS Ultimate! As the name implies, the latest major feature is full compatibility with the C64 Ultimate / Ultimate II+ Ethernet connection. Also some minor tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes in several other parts of the program. From what I can tell, this is about as good as I can get it. This includes the full program with all the drivers for all the modem types, so, no matter which modem type you are using, please upgrade your copy of CCGMS 2019 and use this instead.


– C64 Ultimate / Ultimate II+ Ethernet Drivers
– Increased Buffer Area
– Improved Punter Reliability
– Minor tweaks / bug fixes

Easyflash cart version includes all the bugfixes and tweaks, but of course, does not include the Ultimate drivers, for obvious reasons 🙂

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