Centipede BBS ReadMe

September 2000

Welcome to “centfree”, public domain Centipede BBS files provided by the Last Stand BBS.

On February 28, 2000, Adam Fanello, the author of Centipede BBS released the product to the public domain.

Centipede BBS is one of the finest products ever developed for the C128 computer. It was years in the making and truly is a joy to use.

This library file contains all the original files that were shipped with the commercial version of Centipede from Bugsoft. I have done a minor amount of file rearranging to make this a more d/l friendly version.

The complete manual has now been converted to a standard text file and is included in this library

This collection of files should be complete and should have all the updates installed. The only Y2k issues are with non CMD devices (no RTC). There was a simple correction made and that should be included in this collection. Since most current BBS’s use CMD equipment there should be no problems in this respect.

I was the first person to purchase Centipede from Adam and have run the software since August of 1997. I am more than happy to provide any help you may need to the best of my ability. The system is very stable and gives me little trouble.

You may telnet to my bbs at laststandbbs.net port 23.
If you need info about telneting with your 64/128 go to www.petscii.com.
All the info you need is there.

The “centfree” files will be maintained both at my bbs and on the net at www.snowpig.org/centipede

There is a library for the comlink network. That system is not active at this time (march 2005). We are hoping to get the system running via telnet soon. Check the centipede website for the latest info

Here is a list of files that should be included in this collection. All text files are petascii and are formatted for 80c.

I hope you enjoy these files, they truly are a marvel! If you have questions feel free to contact me.

Keep the faith!

Mike Martin (aka Voyager) Sysop of the Last Stand BBS.

March 2005: centipede is now being used on the internet via telnet. We have found a few issues that have been corrected and included in this library file. Look for the file update.lbr there are docs with it so you should have no problems.


READ ME this text file
tools.lbr helpful tools in setting up your bbs
modules.lbr Centipede Module files
overlays.lbr Centipede Overlay files
machinecode.lbr Centipede machinecode files
scripts.lbr Centipede Script files
help files.lbr Centipede online help files
system.lbr Centipede system files
support.lbr Centipede support files
misc-prg.lbr boot programs etc for the bbs
structures.lbr Centipede structure files
comlink.lbr Comlink add-on for Centipede
net64.lbr Net64 addon for Centipede
screen saver.lbr screen savers for Centipede
ramdos.lbr files needed to use ramdos with Centipede
ltk-dualline.lbr dual line mods for the LTK
extras.lbr games and other stuff
manual.lbr the complete Centipede Manual
update.lbr the latest updates for centipede (march 2005)