Checkmate Retro Styled Modular IPS Display For Old And New Systems


The Checkmate Modular IPS monitor has been making quite the splash in retro gaming news over the last couple of weeks. The throwback monitor has a modular configuration on the back that will allow you to connect it to virtually any classic or modern computer or console system.

The Checkmate Modular IPS monitor is currently available on Kickstarter. I like the fact that it’s on Kickstarter for several reasons. 1st, this means they have a working prototype which is a requirement for listing on Kickstarter and not a requirement for sites like Indigogo. 2nd, this is just as important, they can’t take your money and run. If the project goes belly up before shipping, you’ll have a better chance of getting your money back than you would with sites like Indigogo.

The Checkmate monitor is boasting some nice specs.

  • The styling is modern and yet at the same time old school early PC and MAC look about it that will allow it to fit in with just about any setup you can connect it to. It will be available in white and black chassis colors.
  • While they don’t give a name brand however Checkmate is boasting 3″ speakers with sound absorption foam and claims the speakers will outperform most monitor-based speakers.
  • The monitors will automatically support 15khz modes in component, composite and RGB SCART with their GBS-Control Pod. They also switch between the Pal 50hz and NTSC 60hz modes automatically.
  • To match old displays the monitors will support both 4:3 and 5:4 display options.
  • The monitor displays are as low latency as possible for gaming.

There’s a bunch more to it and different levels of pledges to review. I suggest taking a look at the Checkmate Kickstarter Product page for yourself to take it all in.