Chris Edwards: Amiga 1200 – Pistorm32 Lite Installation


Chris Edwards installs the PiStorm32 Lite from into his Amiga 1200.

The PiStorm32 Lite is the latest version of the popular PiStorm range of accelerators, created by Claude Schwarz.

Install a compatible Raspberry PI onto the PiStorm 32 Lite board and then plug it into the Amiga 1200’s trapdoor slot- located underneath the computer. Once fitted it disables the onboard CPU and allows Michal Schulz Emu68 CPU emulator to take over. The resulting CPU results are remarkable because the Raspberry Pi can emulate the 68K CPU substantially faster than the original hardware.

To operate this requires optional extras not included as standard:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero2w, Raspberry Pi 3 A, Raspberry Pi 3 B or Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Micro SD card (we recommend a 32GB capacity) configured with PiStorm32-Lite files.

Package Includes:

  • 1x PiStorm32 Lite card
  • 3x bolts
  • 3x spacers
  • 1x thermal pad

Please read the Wiki page for setup and configuration of this product before attempting installation.