Chris Edwards Restoration: Dicke Olga Amiga 2000 Accelerator


Technical specifications:
CPU: MC68030 or 68EC030, clocked at 25 – 60MHz
FPU: 68881 / 68882 PLCC 25 – 60MHz, may run asynchronous to CPU (with its own oscillator)
Has MapROM function (KS 1.3 is not supported!)
FastRAM: may have 64 or 128MB
BootROM: LIDE bootrom from Matt Harlum
IDE: 40pin, 44pin CF Slot
SATA & M.2 (B-KEY2280)
(default speed is about 7 – 8MB/s, may be tweaked by reducing Waitstates up to 11MB/s with MapROM Tool
2x Clockports (1x Fast Clockport, 1x Standard A1200 Clockport)
68000 Fallback mode (stock CPU + IDE + 4MB FastRAM)
Flexible CPU & FPU MHz and other settings etc..
Has 2.5″ HDD & Delfina sound card fitting places on the backside:

You can buy a Dicke Olga Amiga 2000 Accelerator here.

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