Hello and welcome back to this holiday edition of the Christmas Tidbits. I hope everyone is having a great time this holiday season! Here’s the news!



MSSIAH MIDI Software has a new adapter called the SAVYOUR. Currently, the SAVYOUR is marked down 10 Euros (I’m also assuming US Dollars).

  • 1541 Emulator
  • Load/Save on USB memory sticks
  • USB Mouse/Joystick Interface
  • Supports 1351, Amiga, Atari Mice

The SAVYOUR is due for release in the new year.

Bomb Jack DX Announced

Currently in its Beta 7 release Bomb Jack DX is a brand new port of the original coin-op arcade game from the 1980’s. The latest Beta 7 version includes the following updates from the changelog listed below.

  • Complete new (more aggressive) AI for flying saucer enemy
  • Jack’s flight width is now more original
  • 10 points for releasing a platform or wall
  • Jack is now 1s unbreakable after power mode
  • P-coin starts at the center of the screen and in more diversified directions
  • P-coin color / points change with every jump of Jack
  • The bird flies faster after power mode
  • Fidgeting enemies at the end of each round
  • Mummy sprites with flashing eyes
  • Nicer “3” and “4” digits in the bonus meter
  • New fuse design and new burning fuse animation for the bombs
  • All 5 backdrops are optimized to save more RAM and to look even nicer
  • New wall design for better separation from the backdrops
  • Bugfix for “black box bomb” bug
  • No wait for fire button at game over of 2-player mode
  • No sound / graphic glitches when saving high scores
  • Music for game over

Source: Forum64.de

High Voltage SID Collection #72 Released

High Voltage SID Collection

The High Voltage SID Collection #72 has been released at hvsc.c64.org. The latest SIDs in this connection of tunes are new and old. They have broken the 52K threshold and now have 52,327 SIDs in the collection.

Ultimate 64 (& Elite) / U2+ Released

Firmware release 3.6 is online for all targets:

U64 – Core version V1.24 / Ultimate II+ / 1541 Ultimate-II

  • This is the factory image of the latest production, with support for 1.4 board revision.
  • Support for Super Games cartridge.
  • Fixed KCS cart at boot time.
  • Swapped audio channels, thanks Siegried.
  • Improved cartridge timing which corrects the ARMSID detection.

Download: https://ultimate64.com/Firmware

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