Color 64 Version 8.1 Beta

Color 64 version 8.1 Beta

color64v8.1‐1.d64171KDisk 1 ‐ system files
color64v8.1‐2.d64171KDisk 2 ‐ boot files
color64v8.1‐3.d64171KDisk 3 ‐ network64 and misc


The files are currently intended for those already running a version 8.0 BBS. To upgrade, replace all the existing files with the new versions found on the disks (you must either remove the old file or rename it by replacing the prefix with “old” or something similar). You should back up all existing files before replacing them with new versions. Also, be sure to back up your ~bbs.parms file as well.

Next, run +setup and double-check your settings. Then, select the option to save the configuration. This will upgrade your ~bbs.parms file to version 8.1. If you skip this step, then the system will fail to start and will report that the parms version is incorrect.

There’s at least one new file that doesn’t exist in version 8.0: “~bbs.trmml 8100” is the ML module for the term program. Thus, there’s no older version to delete or rename.

The Network setup program still requires the prscrn52750 program, so if you want to set up networking be sure to copy this from the version 8.0 disk.


DO NOT TRY TO RUN VERSION 8.0 GAMES, MODULES, OR MODIFICATIONS WITH THIS VERSION. They will need to be updated to support the changes in version 8.1. Instructions on doing so are forthcoming.

The drive number and command are now specified in a new format. Instead of specifying the drive number and command on separate lines, a drive prefix and command are all on one line. For example, to use drive 0: on a 1581, and send an i0 command, the prefix/command would


To use subdirectory “log” on partition 56 on a CMD HD, the prefix/command would be


To use LD 5, LU 3 on a Lt. Kernal hard drive, the prefix/command would be