XC=BASIC can compile programs to the Commander X16 from version 3.2.x16-beta. Mostly everything that has been part of the core language is ported to the X16, including spritessound and interrupts. In addition, a new library is available to the user to exploit some of the additional features that this machine offers.

XC=BASIC is a cross compiled, modern BASIC programming language for MOS 65xx based targets. The supported targets are:

  • Commodore-64
  • Commodore VIC-20
  • Commodore-16
  • Commodore Plus/4
  • Commodore PET series
  • Commodore-128
  • Commander X16 (beta) 1)
  • MEGA65 (beta)

XC=BASIC compiles BASIC source code to fast machine code. Although not 100% compatible, its syntax was designed to be similar to that of QuickBASIC and CBM BASIC.

For more information on how to get started on your own Commander X16 CLICK HERE.

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