Commander X16 Developer Edition Unboxing


Just us as we unbox Desert-Fox’s new Commander X16 computer from The 8-Bit Guy.

The Commander X16, crafted by David Murray, known as The 8-Bit Guy, is a nostalgic ode to 8-Bit computers, aiming to preserve the essence of vintage computing while addressing modern challenges. It serves as both an educational platform and a solution to the scarcity and reliability issues plaguing original 8-Bit systems today, offering readily available parts and perpetual availability without compromising on authenticity. The X16 boasts a real CPU, shunning emulation or FPGA recreation, and runs Commodore BASIC V2 with enhancements, fostering a vibrant software ecosystem accessible to a wide user base, yet comprehensible to individual enthusiasts due to its simplicity and transparency in design.


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