Hardware developer idoregesz.hu has recently announced a new C64 Four Player Adapter for the Commodore 64. I’ve added their full description below (and corrected some English)

Here comes the idoregesz version from the great four player adapter! Multiplayer games are better than one player games… Four simultaneous players at one time are even better! Take your friends and let’s go gaming!

Free user port? Until this time only 🙂 Simply connect the 4 Player Adapter to your existing user port at the left side of the back with powered off C64. Load you game as always and enjoy the 3rd and 4th gamers option!

Here is a non-complete list from the four (and three) players supported C64 games, which are 100% tested and working with our four player adapter:

      • Frogs (with 4 players) wikicsdb
      • International Karate+ Gold Edition (with 3 players) wikicsdb
      • M.U.L.E (with 4 players) wikicsdb
      • Snack 4 Snakes (with 4 players)
      • Shotgun (with 4 players) wikicsdb
      • Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road (with 3 players) wikicsdb
      • Bruce Lee: Return of the Fury (with 3 players) wikicsdb
      • Mashed Turtles 64 (with 4 players) csdb
      • Space Lords Centaurus (with 4 players) csdb
      • Rampage Gold (with 3 players) csdb
      • Bomberland (with 5 players! 4 joystick + 1 keyboard)
      • Race (with 4 players) csdb
      • Zatacka (with 4 players) csdb
      • Tanks 3000 (with 4 players) csdb

Maybe working the adapter with other games too.

The panel is assembled with simple parts this time with a brass hexagon standoff underneath (like the joyswitcher) to prevent bending from connecting 3rd and 4th joys.  This adapter is compatible with all type of joysticks with DB9 connectors. Also compatible with our best selling product: the amazing Joyswitcher!

Price is 22.0 + shipping. Paypal only with family option. Worldwide shipping available.

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