Commodore 64 Wireless Audio Video Kit


A Commodore 64 enthusiest by the name of Renzi has come up with a way to make your C64 partially portable. What he’s done is creat a wireless AV connector that allows you to sit back on your easy chair or sofa with the C64 while it’s connected wirelessly to your big screen TV.

Remzi reports that the device runs on the 2.4Ghz frequency and there is a possibility that other devices runnin on that spectrum could cause issues, such as cordless phones, bluetooth devices or a wifi router.

In addition due to the way the C64 composite video works you will want to verify if your TV hardware supports a composite connection first via composite wires and provides a result you’re happy with. If it works then you should have no problem with the kit according to Remzi.

He is taking pre-orders for his kit. If you’re interested click here to learn more about getting one of your own.

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