Hardware developer idoregesz.hu has just announced their updated Commodore Multimedia Breakout extension Version 2. It supports all versions of the C64 and the Ultimate64 board as well. I’ve added their full press release below.

This small gadget makes popular connectors to the bottom of your Commodore 64! It contains right the following connectors:

– DIN 262º special CNC forged metal connector to the computer side
– composite RCA for video out
– 2x RCA for stereo/doublemono
– S-VIDEO female connector for luma+chroma video out
– 3,5mm jack for headphones (stereo or doublemono also selectable via jumper)

There are some options on the panel, selectable via jumpers or soldering iron:

– Color reduce – if short, a 300Ω smd resistor can reduce the color for the modern LED TV using (default jumper option is off)
– Stereo/DoubleMono – it can change via jumper too on the panel, stereo sound option from the DIN connector pin 5 or 7 (default jumper option is mono)
– Pin selector for stereo sound – another option for the stereo sound out from the DIN – can selectable the stereo 2nd channel wired to the RCA/jack from: pin7 (normal) or pin5 (for the Ultimate users) (default jumper option is pin7)
– SID ground hack “Noise reduction” – This hack for the SID noise reduction, but somebody loves this mod, somebody hates this, your choice! (default is opened, you van solder it – its easy to short out) Note: not for Ulitmate64 users!

Some minor note also: Commodore 326298 mainboards has five pins inside the DIN connector, so no chroma/luma output, the S-VIDEO connector not working with these mainboards, but of course the composite working well!

Panel made from high quality parts, like individually metal forged DIN 262º connector, LUMBERG made RCA connectors, metal S-VIDEO and jack connectors. PCB color: shiny black!

Price: 49€ (or 38GBP) + shipping! Paypal only with family option.

Worldwide shipping starts from end of April, 2019.

This looks like a great little addition for the 64, especially for doing an S-Video hookup if you have that capability on your monitor or big screen TV. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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