CRG: Amiga 2000 (EATX) internal GBScontrol build


It’s commonly understood that the best video signal for native Amiga screen modes comes from the RGB port. However, due to its 15kHz signal, it typically can’t be connected directly to a modern display. Various scan doubler devices are available, and one of the cheapest options is the GBS8200. However, low cost often translates to poor quality, and while the GBS8200 does a decent job, the image quality isn’t the best.

Enter GBS Control. This modification replaces the GBS processor with an Arduino device running custom software designed to address the issues with the original device. Further improvements can be made to maximize the quality of the scan doubler. Additionally, it’s now possible to mount it to a daughter board for internal fitting in an Amiga 2000 or, in the author’s case, an Amiga 2000 EATX.

  • The GBS to A2000 board is available here.
  • The GBS Control is an excellent enhancement for GB-82*0 cards, offering lag-free performance and high-quality scaling. It features a WiFi GUI accessible via a wireless connection. An optional GBS Control upgrade is available here.
  • Information detailing establishing connections between the ESP8266 and the clock generator is available here.
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