CRG – Amiga Hard Drive Options (Benchmark & Comparison)


In this episode of Casual Retro Gamer they to figure out which mass storage upgrade is best for your device? A Compact Flash card, SD card or the standard IDE hard drive?

“CRG is going to try and answer that question and benchmark each of those items using a stock A1200, A1200 with 4mb memory expansion, A1200 with 030 accelerator and the CD32 with its TF330. Each benchmark is ran 3 times and they also test both scsi.device.43.35 and scsi.device.44.20.

Most people are using a CF card in their Amiga 1200’s but the end results may surprise you and just so you know we did also try an SSD with a sata to ide converter but it would not boot.”

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