CRG – Building a NEW Amiga 2000 in 2022 – Part 1


From CRG:

Why buy a big box Amiga when we can make one…

If there’s one thing that’s been missing from my collection its a big box Amiga and since prices of those are heading skyward, me and a few other folk got together and did a group buy of the parts needed to build our own.

This board is a reworking of the classic Amiga 2000 but redesigned to fit an EATX form factor for use in a modern case. The boards came partly assembled from JLCPCB (not sponsored) but its up to us to put the rest of it together. The chipset comes out of the battery-damaged A500+ we looked at a few months ago.

Thanks to screemo, pillock, liv2 and sparxuk for the help while assembling this. Special thanks to sparxuk for ordering everything and splitting it out into kits for each of us.

2000EATX GitHub