CRG: Lets Build An Amiga Network Adapter


CRG has been an Amiga owner for 30 years but has never connected it to the internet. He found a Zorro II on GitLab and assembled it to see if he could get his Amiga online.

He used the following instructions:

  1. Downloaded the files from the GitLab repository.
  2. Extracted the files to a directory on his computer.
  3. Opened the project file in KiCad.
  4. Routed and autorouted the PCB.
  5. Generated the Gerber files.
  6. Sent the Gerber files to a PCB manufacturer.
  7. Received the PCBs and assembled the board.
  8. Installed the board in his Amiga.
  9. Configured the network settings in his Amiga operating system.
  10. Tested the connection by pinging a website.

CRG was ultimately successful in getting his Amiga online and is now able to browse the web, play online games, and use other internet services.

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