Crookedmouth1971 has created an all-in-one, portable computer that utilizes a Raspberry Pi 3A+ and the superior BMC64 emulator. With the ability to be powered by either a battery or power jack, as well as wired controllers connected through GPIO, this device is both simple to work with and endlessly adaptable.

The machine’s specs make it capable of being upgraded – if desired – to a DE-10 Nano for playing classic Commodore 64 and Amiga games, though he reluctantly admits that after using it over the course of several months he’s happily content leaving it unaltered. What makes this system even more impressive is its power efficiency; boasting 12+ hours of operation without ceasing and allowing swift startup in only three seconds, with almost no latency whatsoever – setting the stage for authentic old-school play as though time has never passed.

1 × Anker PowerCore 26800mha Battery
1 × Raspberry Pi 3A+
1 × 68 Key Wired Mechanical Keyboard with Gateron brown switches SK-68
1 × 8″ 4:3 Aspect LCD
2 × Sanwa Style Arcade Sticks
6 × Sanwa Style Arcade Buttons
1 × USB – Splitter


To learn more click the SOURCE link below.

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