daddlertl3 Nuvie Video From HomeCon 56


Recnetly while attending HomeCon 56 in Hanau, Germany daddlertl3 made a Nuvie Video of his tour through HomeCon 56. The video also includes 2 SID songs throughout the looped playback.

The Nuvie can be downloaded here.

To play on a Commodore 64 an expansion module with 16 MB REU is required (1541ultimate or Turbo Chameleon 64).

In case you’re wondering what a Nuvie video is, it’s a kind of video that the C64 with the aid of a 16-MiB REU (RAM Expansion Unit) can be played. The photo sequence is in NUFLI format, which is in HiRes 320×200 pixels and all 16 colors.

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