Dan Wood: Watching Youtube on a 1993 Amiga CD32 Console


AmiTube 1.4 is a revolutionary program that opens up the world of YouTube to Amiga Classic computers. The software allows both slow 68000 7.14MHz and fast 68060 105MHz+ with 1MB of RAM or more access to video clips on YouTube right from their Amiga computer, facilitating compatibility across Commodore and ESCOM models. Untold numbers of video clips become available through this intuitive program, which was originally conceived by Michal Bergseth when the CDTV became available in 1991. This is an exciting milestone for all kinds of Amiga users!

AGABlaster is a video player designed for the Amiga Commodore computer. It has been adapted to work with the AGA chipset, allowing for 24-bit colors and differing frame lengths. AGAConv can be used to create customized CDXL files that are compatible with AGABlaster. The program is written using 68K Assembly code and runs on the original Amiga hardware, without needing any additional graphics or audio cards. The software is currently undergoing alpha testing.

Then there’s AmiFox. AmiFox is a new web browser for classic Amiga that aims to provide a better web surfing experience for low-end Amigas with minimal requirements to run. It uses a virtual Chrome browser on the backend that is remote-controlled by AmiFox sending back images of the webpage and processing mouse clicks and keystrokes. The idea behind the AmiFox web surfing project for Classic Amiga is that you can load the browser, select a Linux server that AmiFox supports and can communicate with, and then finally start browsing the net. With AmiFox you can get PDF files for your Warp1260 card or download games from the PixelGlass website easily for your Amiga.

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