Jens-Christian Huus has updated the DeepSID online SID player to include an Oscilloscope feature. Here are the notes from the Change Log.

  • The box previously know as the STIL box is now henceforth known as the¬†sundry box¬†instead. Tabs have been added on top of it to diversify its purpose.
  • Added a scope tab to the sundry box with oscilloscope views of the three voices of the SID chip, plus a fourth for digi if used by the song. This is for the WebSid emulator only. To conserve vertical space, only the three SID voices are visible at first. You have to drag down the box using the white slider bar to see the digi voice too.
  • The default buffer size is now set to 16384 instead of 1024 in a fresh web browser.

DeepSID Oscilloscope

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