The latest edition of DiagROM, the Amiga Diagnsotic ROM, has been released.

The following changes have been made on version 1.1.

  • New memory-detection routine that hopefully finds more memory.
  • A600/1200/4000 IDE detection.
  • Various Bugfixes. (look at releasedata for more info)

Powerup extras:

  • Press left mousebutton at power on, Screen will be disabled and IF there is fastmem present, fastmem will be used instead of chipmem.  Serial console is only option.
  • If you press right mousebutton at poweron. Computer will use the beginning of detected ramblock instead of end.

(you can combine both buttons at boot)

  • Fire on joystick at power on: Serialport output is disabled. this to make the machine to start with broken Paula.  DiagROM also tries to detect broken paula at start and will disable serial if detected. (this detection is far from 100%)

Update history: 2018-10-27: Version 1.1

  • Changed so if chipmem is detected at early start. fastmem is detected when screen is active instead. This to make it more clear what is happening while scanning.
  • IF scan hangs press left mousebutton and it will stop the scan.
  • Some tidy up, changed timing in Autoconfig.
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