DJ Legion – Commodore C64 1541-C Disk Drive Repair


DJ Legions description below:

This is a quick video of my 1541-c repair. It would start up as normal with the drive led going off and the motor would stop as normal. Then we you try to talk to it from the C64 it would just hang everything and the heads would not move. I checked this document

Ray Carlsen’s CBM 1541C 

And worked through the list of trouble shooting. Next I removed the 6502, both 6522, both hd7406 and 74ls14 chips, inspect the board for damage and put sockets in place. I then tested the hd7406 in my mini pro and found one was bad. So i replaced them both with new 74ls06 and tested again with the 1541 diagnostic rom and everything then worked. The drive as cleaned and lubricated and checked with a few floppy disc I had from the bbc repair.


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