Doktor64 – 1541 Floppy Power Connector Repair & SMPS Mod


In this episode Doktor64 repairs a PSU in a old 1541 floppy disk drive. The video covers the following procedures.

  • How to repair a broken 1541 power jack connector (incl. line filter)
  • Because of a short circuit inside the filter (shorten capacitor)
  • How to modify the old 1541 transformer and LDOs with modern SMPS Power Supply PSU
  • New modern switch mode power supply (1A @ 12V, 1A @ 5V) – 12V 5V Fully Isolated Switching Power Supply AC-DC Module
  • Measure currents on 12V and 5V rail with ohmic load (about 1 ampere @ 12V and 5V
  • Measure currents on 12V and 5V rail during max load (formating a disk)
  • Measure temperatures @ worst case components (capacitors and diodes on 5V / 12V side)
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