Doktor64 – Create Your Own D64-Diskimages (SD2IEC) And Copy To Real Floppy Disk


In his latest video Doktor64 shows us

– How you can create your own self made D64 disk image
– How to copy the D64 disk image to your real floppy disk
– How to copy the disk image from your SD2IEC Floppy emulator to a real floppy disk
– How to copy single / multiple files from a disk image / SD2IEC to a real floppy disk
– How to format a floppy disk in C64 BASIC
– How to work with DraCopy 1.0d and V1541 Commander


V1541 Commander V1.1

DrawCopy/Browse 1.0d (version I used in this video)

DrawCopy/Browse 1.0e (newest version)

Further interesting video regarding that topic (Jan Beta)

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