Doktor64 – Repair SD2IEC Solder SMD Device & Flash ATMega 1284P Controller


In his latest episode Doktor64 demonstrataes the following:

  • How to repair your SD2IEC with a broken Atmel ATMega 1284P controller
  • Hot to solder a SMD SMT device (ATMega 1284P / ATMega 644 or similar) onto your SD2IEC PCB
  • How to solder a TQFP-44 SMD device
  • How to flash a ATMega controller / microcontroller for your SD2IEC
  • How to flash a ATMega controllerwith Atmel Studio 7
  • How to flash a ATMega controller with AVRdude
  • Which fuse-bytes (fuse-bits) / fusebyte (fusebit) you need to use
  • Which SD2IEC firmware you need to flash (LarsP, Shadowwolf)
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