FD 4000 Unboxing & Disassembly


A very brief but exciting unboxing of a brand new CMD FD-4000 by C64 OS creator Gregory Nacu. It’s a fully licensed reproduction, in a visually faithful design, with 3D printed cases (rather than the original metal), being produced and sold today in 2024, by COREi64. Wonders never cease.

In the second video, Gregory disassembles the case and provides an inside look at a brand-new CMD FD-4000 reproduction, officially licensed for production by COREi64. Although Gregory has never owned an original FD-2000 or FD-4000, he notes that the board layout has been updated. The case features a new 3D-printed design, which likely includes some intriguing differences. Overall, he finds the design to be fantastic.

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