Latest firmware for the U64 / U64E, version 1.24 – Dated: 2019-10-13

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Difference with previous release V1.21 / V1.22 (Initial Elite release)

  • Changes / Improvements to the U64 FPGA
    • Added Drive B activity to the possible Case LED outputs
    • Increased the number of UltiSIDs from two to eight
    • Fixed Jailbar issue on HDMI output
    • Fixed a Ledstrip issue that slipped into one of the previous versions
    • Improved EMC performance
    • Added Paddle Swap for the U64 Elite
    • Increased application CPU performance
  • Changes to the Ultimate 64 application
    • Added support for 8-SID configuations
    • Split the U64 configuration settings for better overview
    • Added possibility to load / save and reset configuration settings
    • Added the possibility to have temporary configuration settings
    • Added choice of which UltiSID causes the LED strip to light up
    • Added a Visual SID addressing editor
    • Added detection and real time configuration of FPGASID
    • Added detection and real time configuration of SwinSid Ultimate
    • Added detection and real time configuration of ARMSID
    • Fixed screen title when connecting to the machine through Telnet
    • Added joyswap to the configuration menu
    • Option to use Final Cart V1/V2 re-enabled
    • Upgraded the OS to a newer version

Unreleased work:

  • Flashing the ESP32 WiFi module from the file browser menu
  • “Drive C” – software 1581 emulation by Scott Hutter

Planned work for the upcoming release:

  • Keystrokes to quickly enable / mute audio channels
  • Connection between the ESP32 and the C64
  • A sample project for the ESP32, which can be used for others to port stuff like modem emulation.
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