Added features since 1.28

  • Turbo Mode… The 6510 CPU can now be run faster than 1 MHz.
  • Support for Nordic Power cartridge
  • Faster application processor for smoother file browsing experience
  • Significant lower noise floor when using real SIDs
  • From MarkusC64: For Geos 64 – Download D41, D71, D81 and DNP files directly from the file browser into a RAMDISK of the same type.
  • From MarkusC64: For Geos 64 – Save RAMDISK to USB in the appropriate format, directly from the file browser
  • Added freeze function with USB menu (F11 key)

Fixes since the last withdrawn version 1.33:

  • RESTORE key to boot with default config: Implemented
  • Bootloop problem with flashed CRT: Fixed
  • C64 Hangup problem with reading debug register (D7FF): Fixed
  • C64 Hangup when disabling SID socket: Fixed
  • ARMSID config not working when UltiSid is in the same range: Fixed
  • CIA2 I/O (UserPort) not working: Fixed
  • Sprite collision in Antiriad: Fixed
  • RGB mode sync polarity: Fixed
  • PIO register fault: Flimbo’s Quest now working! (Thanks to Tom Roger Skauen, for his debugging efforts!)

Bug fixes / improvements since 1.28:

  • 6522 VIA fixes from gyurco/master
  • Fixed 1541 floppy formatting – sometimes caused read errors
  • Fixed an issue that may have caused network instability
  • Issue #62: FTP server does not check if a directory exists when changing directory
  • Issue #109: Soft IEC seq file reading issue with GET#
  • Issue #121: 1541-C ROM issues (Track 0 sensor issue)
  • Issue #131: SuperGames-Cartridge issue
  • Issue #132: Builtin FC3 monitor hangs from freezer
  • Issue #136: Epyx Fastloader fails sometimes (Example: Space Taxi)
  • Issue #147: Data loss on eject if save fails

Known issues:

  • Corrupted disk access with some loaders, when bus bridge is not on “Quiet” mode, and badlines are disabled. We know this affects Geos MP3. Still under investigation.

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