Firmware version 3.10j / Core 1.42 – Dated 2023-06-21

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From Gideon’s notes:

Changes in 3.10j, compared to 3.10a

If you would take some time to check the commit history of the repository at GitHub, you may find over 500 commits since the last released version, 3.10a. This is a lot more than it usually takes to release the next firmware version. The version is still 3.10, so there are not many functional changes. Yet, files have been touched, updated, or just made compatible with the new Ultimate-II+L hardware. It was more difficult than expected to get the Lattice FPGA to work correctly and keep compatibility with the existing hardware platforms.

On top of the new introduction of the Ultimate-II+L, there is still a need to support the “good old” 1541 Ultimate-II (or simply: U2). There have always been issues with the Microblaze processor and the compiler from Xilinx. Every version of the Xilinx compiler had different bugs that caused the Microblaze based firmware to be broken in one way or another. Since the U2+L runs well on the Risc-V, it was decided to upgrade the CPU inside of the U2 and ditch the Microblaze forever. Unfortunately, the CPU that was chosen to run inside of the U2+L did not fit in the same space as the Microblaze clone, so I decided to write my own Risc-V compatible CPU. This is the CPU that will be used from now on in the 1541 Ultimate-II.

[Important] Fixed ExFAT filesystems with 128kB clusters
(Fixes failing D64 mounts from some ExFAT thumb drives)
[Facebook Discussion] EasyFlash save function now saves all chip chunks to
support incomplete CRT files
[Issue-271] GEORAM at boot (MarkusC64)
[Issue-279] Support for 2 MHz operation for any cartridge, including EasyFlash
Minor fixes in the modem emulation layer from Scott Hutter (xlar54)
U64 only: Multicolor graphics side border bug (core version V1.41 => V1.42)

Firmware target added: Ultimate-II+L; the Lattice version!
System Information page now shows elaborate version info.
GEOS support functions from MarkusC64

Cartridge Support:
[Issue-314] Added support for Blackbox V9.

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