This version adds WiFi support for the Ultimate II+L.


  1. WiFi support – Now that the WiFi modules for the U2+L are available, you will need this firmware to enable it. In this zip there are two files; the firmware update for the cartridge itself (.u2l) file and the firmware file for the ESP WiFi module (.esp). They have to be applied in this order.
  2. Ethernet fix – Improves compatibility with some switches and routers. The LAN should now work with these.
  3. Garbled characters fix. – On some machines, especially on NTSC machines, the 3.11 firmware gave some timing issues. This build should fix that.
  4. Ulticopy fix – In 3.11 Ulticopy was broken; it should work again – supposedly – not tested.

Due to “life” (e.g. house renovation) there has not been any time for testing this firmware for other hardware platforms. Will come soon.

Click here to download

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