XeNTaX, the developer of the FM-YAM: FM Sound Expander cartridge, is now selling their popular cartridge directly via Protovisions online store. Here’s the feature description:

Commodore had released three products to boost sound capabilities: the SFX Sound Sampler, the Magic Voice speech module and the Sound Expander FM module that gives the C64 a whole new dimension of sound with up to **12** music channels instead of the usual 3 from the SID.

The FM-YAM cartridge from Xentax emulates the FM Sound Expander and is compatible to old and new Sound Expander software. The additional sound can (either individually or mixed with the regular sound of the C64) connect to your loudspeaker via an audio out socket on top of the cartridge.
There is also an audio in socket. Any sound provided into it will be mixed with the FM sound and is also audible through the audio out socket. This way, also any other sound can be mixed in – or you can daisy chain multiple C64s.

FM YAM can be controlled via MIDI and con run in parallel to 1541 Ultimate, for more info see the Xentax FAQ.

New software for FM YAM is being developed – here is our pick:
– Software from the Xentax download page
– Instinct by Atebit
– FM-YAM Demo Casu Quo
– FMX 1.0
– FMX Music Demo
– Vibrants FM

Here is a tracker (for DOS);
– Edlib

And here is the original Software from Commodore:
– Commodore Sound Expander Software

FM YAM requires cables (a cable from the C64 to audio jack and from audio jack to your loud speakers). You may want to look into our cables section as we have fitting cables in our catalogue!

Click here to get your own cartridge from Protovision.



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