Like GEOS? You’ll probably love GeoDesk by Markus Kanet. In a recent post on Lemon64 Markus revealed the following.

GeoDesk64 is almost finished….. the version V0.9 (updated Aug 31st) is now available.

An English version is also available. I apologize for the bad translation. Feedback is welcome.

GeoDesk64 is a new DeskTop replacement for DESKTOPv2, TopDesk or DualTop. The program requires MegaPatch V3.x and needs at least 256Kb free memory (With MegaPatch this requires at least a 512Kb REU… 1Mb is recommended for extra RAM drives)

GeoDesk64 supports all CMD drives and SD2IEC devices (if the standard firmware from is used).

GeoDesk supports NativeMode subdirectories. If the directory contains more than 160 files, the directory will be displayed page by page, with a maximum of 160 files per page.

GeoDesk64 supports windows, partition switching on CMD drives, creating and DiskImage switching on SD2IEC drives and AppLinks on the DeskTop.
AppLinks are links to programs, documents, CMD partitions or NativeMode directories. AppLinks can be opened with a mouse click and start programs or open directories. Links to SD2IEC disk images are not possible and are therefore not supported.

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