Gideon’s Logic has just updated their ‘Status of Project’ page for November 2019.


Current reports are that the U2+ cartridges are out of stock, but a new production was started some weeks ago and they expect delivery of U2+ units to resume by the end of November.

Tape Adapters

Available, plenty of stock…


The “October production batch”: PCBs and components are available at the assembly company. They start assembling at the end of the coming week. I expect to be able to ship the first boards before the end of November.

Speaker for Drive Sounds for U64

The speakers for the U64 for the drive sounds are on stock, but dwindling.

U64 User Port Extension

Unfortunately, the User Port extension for the U64 has a flaw in the 9VAC generator. It can be fixed by replacing the chip for another type. However, I have to do this manually, one by one, and it takes time (5-10 min per board). If not explicitly requested, User Port adapters without 9VAC will be delivered.

U64 / U64 Elite Badges

A new sub-category of accessories has been added to the store, where you can find “badges”: high quality stickers with domed cover. These are designed and produced by Marco v/d Meulenhof. I have a bunch of each type on stock. Preferably ordered together with the U64 / U64E, to avoid unnecessary shipping cost.


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