The following was posted on the Project Status page over at Gideon’s Logic yesterday.


The Ultimate-II+ hardware is stable and in full production. Every few months a new production batch is started, that matches with the demand.

The next production batch is expected to be ready around mid December 2018. All current orders and many coming orders can be satisfied with this production batch.


  • The very first production boards have been shipped in April and May 2018. These are V1.1 boards, about 110 pieces.
  • EMC tests have been carried out on these first production boards, and the Ultimate-64 has passed these tests with flying colors. Yey!
  • The production of the first batch of V1.2 boards is finished, and all 420 boards from this production batch have been shipped in October 2018.
  • The third production batch (Also V1.2 boards) is currently ongoing. As communicated before, there has been delay in this production. The assembly company is now doing the testing and programming of these boards, which is great! This will save me time. It took quite a bit of time to get the test system to be running at the assembly facility. 60 boards are on their way to me now and will be dispatched shortly. I still have boxes and power adapters to ship these new “batch 3” boards.
  • Aside from the remaining number of boards of this production batch, at this point I am waiting for two important items to arrive: a new batch of power adapters and the custom boxes to ship the boards in. I expect both in the second week of December.
  • I will attempt to ship as many Ultimate64 boards as possible before the end of 2018.

Note: Purchase of material for the first 2019 batch has already started. I do not have a planning yet for this “Batch 4” boards.

That’s some good news.  I’m really looking forward to getting my Ultimate-64 early next year.

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